About us

Romsdal Processing AS was established in 2005, when owned by Villa Salmon AS. The facility is centrally located in the center of Midsund.

Romsdal Processing AS started as a salmon slaughterhouse, but as the market developed, filleting and further processing took over larger and larger parts of the main business.

In 2012, slaughter was completely stopped and the focus was only on further processing of salmon and trout products. Today, frozen shingles are made vacuumed and chained with salmon and trout portions, as well as frozen vacuumed sides of salmon and trout. We deliver to both the national and international market.

Romsdal Processing AS is currently owned by Lerøy Seafood AS, SalMar AS and Molde Municipality, while all production is mainly for Lerøy Seafood AS.

Romsdal Processing AS only processes fresh and frozen salmon and trout products for others, and does not sell any products.

Beware of fake websites that sell products in our name. Lerøy Seafood AS is responsible for the sale of all products we produce.

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